To develop a co-responsible consumption by providing the means to share with the most in need.

You-Give: a unique and innovative model for a major social and humanitarian impact.


Thanks to the essential actions of humanitarian organizations, allow any individual to regain the necessary autonomy to make choices.

Place the consumer at the heart of the humanitarian chain by providing the possibility to donate to who he/she wants, whenever he/she feels like it.

Strengthen the necessary independence of humanitarian organizations.

Provide the visibility to organizations that work efficiently with the most in need.

Highlight forgotten causes.

Simplify the act of giving.

Reduce fundraising costs to improve the use of donations directly on humanitarian operations.

Generate consumption and sharing among all consumers and attract new donors, worldwide, by raising awareness on the generosity and philanthropy through unique and innovative concepts.


Bridge the world of mass consumption with humanitarian organizations.

Ease the possibility for consumers to freely give a few euros when shopping. These donations are allocated according to the own choice of the consumer and donor.

Together, with a focus on four essential causes linked to human survival, consumers-donors make the world move, create necessary changes by supporting associations and NGOs that work effectively with people in need.

Consumers-donors can become involved by becoming members of You-Give. Companies are encouraged to join the consumers through their contributions and matching gifts.

You-Give is a philanthropic association, private, independent, not-for- profit.


Raise awareness among millions of consumers around the world to increase consumption & donation in order to meet the basic needs of the human being.

Allocate 100% of the donations collected thanks to partners supporting You-Give (hundreds of millions of euros will go to humanitarian operations).

Bring new simple and fast ways to give.

Provide a reassuring service for a reliable, efficient, transparent and direct use of donations.

Who are we ?

You-Give is a PhilTech - philanthropic Fintech - association created at the end of 2016 to grow the private donations worldwide. You-Give is composed of a group of people from humanitarian associations, certification and rating companies, banks. Together, thanks to philanthropic committed partners in the fields of IT, means of payment, banking, legal, private companies, they all put at the service of You-Give, donors and humanitarian organizations, their motivations, relations, skills and know-how.

Armand Virondeau

Armand Virondeau

  • Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without borders : Private Nobel Peace Prize not-for-profit international organization) : Managing Director & Director (7 years); Ecocert (leader in certification of organic products / environment) : Group CFO (8 years) ; Bank & engineering environment / city development oriented companies: CFO, Analyst (6 years)
  • Asia (Japan, Thailand, Singapore, China – 8 years), France (8 years), Spain (5 years), USA (5 years)
  • MBA The University of Chicago - Booth School of Business, ESCP, Master in Economy & Finance Paris II

Stéphane Trémelot

Stéphane Trémelot

  • Spread Research financial rating company: Cofounder & CEO (7 years) ; BNP Paribas: Emerging markets & companies Director & Analyst (15 years)
  • London (10 years), Paris (7 years), Lyon (7 years)
  • Master in Economy & Finance (Paris II), SFAF (French Society of Financial Analysts), EPG (psychotherapy counseling)
  • Others: 1 year family around the world fair trade oriented touring, teenager coach, volunteer (Restos du Coeur, Paralysés de France)